Saturday, May 4, 2013


Mice-The word used to make me cringe. But now, I think of them as cute little friends. Yes, I know this is a hamster blog, but I just had to share this with you guys! So here ya go-

Yesterday night, my mom opened the garage door, and screamed. She said she saw a mouse. Now don't get me wrong- our house is clean, and this is the first time we have ever spotted a living animal in our house (that wasn't ours), for the whole seven years we have lived here. Well, my dad was at his job. Mom called dad, and explained that he needed to get rid of it (my mom isn't really into rodents :). So, my dad got 2 mouse traps. I have to admit, I wasn't against the mouse traps. I thought that mice were ugly little disgusting animals.
So this morning, we checked to see if the mouse was dead yet, but instead my dad heard jumping. He walked around, and what we saw was fantastic. The mouse had fallen into a bucket, and he was trying to get out, although he couldn't. That means no deaths! I have to say he was so stinking cute. We let him go, in the forest. He squeaked a lot, which was also totally adorable. So I just have to say, that I'm not against mice anymore! I'll show you a picture. The picture isn't mine, but it looks exactly the same.

You gotta say- this thing is too cute to kill!!!

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