Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hamster Playing Dead

     Hamsters may play dead sometimes. Why? One very simple answer. No hiding places. Do you think you don't really need a place for your hamster to hide? Your wrong. They really do.

When hamster are scared, they will go into their hiding places, as they feel some sort of comfort. Without these hiding places, a hamster has no choice except, play dead. Many hamster owners actually think their hamster is for a fact dead, but unfortunately, their wrong. So, if your hamster appears dead, wait a day. It could also be hibernating, which I will talk about in another post. But as for now, if your hamster appears dead, wait a day. If it stays there, it is most likely dead.

This is a short post, I know, but I need to get to my cheeseburger dinner... Yum!

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