Thursday, November 14, 2013

Goodnight Mocha

     God got an angel back today... Mocha

     Yesterday, she was so happy, a little bit too happy. She was playing all day. She would not stop. Let's not forget, hamsters are nocturnal. So for her to playing all day was a little odd.

     This morning I woke up and went over to Mocha's cage. She was laying down, and I thought she was just sleeping. She was laying on her side with her eyes semi- open. I started to pet her, and noticed she wouldn't get up.
     I picked her up, and she still wouldn't get off of her side. I switched her to her other side to make sure that she didn't get hurt, and she looked fine. When she breathed, you could hear something click. I read that the sound is phlegm in your hamsters' lungs. It scared me.
     I made the conclusion that she died from a stroke. She died in my hands. She stretched out really big, and curled up. That was her last breath.

Rest in Peace Mocha <3
You are in a better place, and I'm glad the suffering didn't last long.

P.S. I will still continue to blog, don't worry. I do plan on getting a new hamster, although not to replace her, but instead in remembrance.

Friday, October 18, 2013

***SLACKER ALERT*** And surprise pictures

Oh my gosh guys. How did it get this far?! My last post was in August... now it's October! I know, I've been slacking. But my schedule lately has been insane! And I don't know about everyone else, but here in America, we get HOURS  of homework. I can't say sorry enough. For example, I did four projects yesterday. Talk about over-scheduled.
     Don't worry though, Mocha still has my attention :). I tried to do some fall pictures, but they didn't exactly work out... well... I'll just let the photos explain that.
P.S. I forgot to show you the dog pictures from when I dog sat... oops!

Hope you guys enjoyed! I'll try to post more often, but with my teachers, I don't know if that will be possible. My goal will be to at least post once a week though :)

Friday, August 30, 2013

YouTube videos again??

Hey guys. You may have noticed that I haven't been on YouTube for a while, and that is because my camera broke D:. So when my dad  surprised me with a new smart phone, all I could think of was YouTube! I think I may be starting back, but I'm not sure... What do you guys think?

Mocha is eating her yummy salad right now, which is just lettuce and oats... But something as simple as that is so delicious to her!! 

Back to YouTube, MegaPiranaha88 has a new 2000 subscribers contest, which is for all small animals, from hamsters to bunnies to guinea pigs!! I encourage you ALL to enter! Here is the video!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dear Mocha,

Dear Mocha, 
     Even though you are still asleep, I want to write this right now. You are driving me insane by peeing in your crittertrail tubes. And to make matters worse, you also pee in your wheel. I've tried potty training you a billion times. You are making me mad. So to be disciplined, I made another level in your habitat... Wait, WHAT? That doesn't sound right. But whatever, enjoy your new level. Another cage is coming closer!


Yup, guys! I made another level in Mocha's cage, out of popsicle sticks! Haha, it was super easy. I will try to upload some pictures soon! Mocha is sleeping right now, but I'm honestly considering reading this note to her... xD. Fun things have been happening on the hamster hideout forum.. Join us! Send me a friend request! My username is... Well, of course- Jaide. 
I hope to see you all there soon! 

I'm Back, new recipes

I'm back!!!!!! First of all, I just want to say I'm sorry for not posting. I ended up taking about a month break from all electronics, so that's why I was gone. 

Today I'm going to be talking about some of my favorite hamster treat recipes. Here are a couple of youtube vids---

Before making any hamster treat, you want to make sure that the treat is suitable for your hamster. For example, owning a winter white can sometimes be hard when trying to find hamster treats that do not have fruit or other sugary ingredients. This also applies when buying a hamster treat.

There are some treats that you would not think would EVER be suitable for any type of hamster, so I'll show you a couple of those.

Gerber Puffs-

 Gerber puffs are actually baby snacks, because they easily dissolve in water. They are about the size of your thumbnail, and they are suitable for all hamsters, AS LONG as you read the sugar levels. If your hamster is a diabetes prone species, then I recommend comparing the sugar levels, and getting the lowest one. These can range from $2 - $5 in US dollars, and there are about 75 puffs in each package. These can be found in the baby section in most grocery stores. There are some things like this, so if you live in a country that doesn't produce this, you could just check the ingredients and see if it is suitable for your hamster :).

Millet Spray/ Spray Millet

Bird seeds for hamsters???? Totally. That's right folks, this stuff is completely safe for all types of hamsters. Not only is Millet Spray safe, but also tons of bird toys are safe as well. But we can talk about that later. Millet spray is basically just bird seed, that is stuck together in little link- like things. I haven't bought millet spray yet, but I know that the Petland closest to me, one of the links are $0. 50, and 3 are just $1.00, so it's insanely cheap. HoppingHammy has some cute clips on youtube of her little Winter White, Strudel, eating her millet spray. It's adorable. This can be found in the bird section of pet stores :D.

So there ya have it! A couple of different treats for your hamsters. If you have any questions, make sure to ask my in the comments, or send me an email, at

Special thanks to the Guinea Sisters for reminding me to step up my game on blogger :P. (Joking)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July/ floorspace

     Happy 4th of July for everyone that lives in the USA! No fireworks today, it's raining :'(. Oh well. I've been very busy lately, my aunt came into town, so we have been hanging out with her and my cousins lately. Mocha is doing her usual thing, sleeping, although I do have some news that she will be delighted about. As all of you know, hamsters need 360 square inches of floor space. Some people think this is crazy, but the reason why is because in the wild, they had the whole desert, so you want to resemble it as much as you can, by giving it as much floor space as they can get. Please note that this does not include height. Floor space is area, meaning length x width. Well, right now, my cage is too small. So, I asked my parents if I could attach another cage to it (which was not a critter trail  by doing some pretty risky things. They said no. But, when I asked my dad if, if I saved my money, and bought another critter trail to attach to the one right now, would that work? He said YES!!! So, new cage tour coming up, although I have to save my money though. And as some of you know, I'm not good with that, so wish me luck! 

     Also, I just wanted to give a shout out to some people who I think you guys should watch on YouTube  I did find some that has guinea pigs, so you guinea pig owners, I found one for you guys too! And, I found some for you bunny owners! I couldn't leave you guys out :). 


Guinea Pigs- 

Thehamsterninja (she has a bunny also, named Neige, and does care for him as well!)
101 rabbits
Rachel De Jong (who has GREAT videos!!!)

There you all go! Enjoy!

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Canada day/ requests for YouTube

Happy Canada Day to all Canadians! I don't live in Canada, but I do know that today is a day for Canadians to celebrate! If you have any Canadian friends, text them or email them or say to them, "Happy Canada Day"! 

Also, I have a mission for you all. I need requests for YouTube videos. I really don't have that many, and if I don't get more ideas, I'm going to have to quit. So, your mission is, request videos! I know some of yo don't have YouTube accounts, so if you don't, you can comment your requests here, or email them to If you think of one, like next week, still send it to me! I'm always taking requests! Thanks guys! 

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Friday, June 28, 2013


Hey guys! Great news! I got a YouTube account! I just started today, so my video isn't that good, and I only have one video. Check it out!

An update on Mocha, she is sleeping right now, but I did get some footage of her in the video!

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hi guys! I will try to update a little more regularly now, although it all depends on all the stuff I have to do. But for the meantime, I HAVE PICTURES!! Yup, new pictures of the little diva. They aren't the best, because she was very energetic. I know what you guys are saying... "Whatever! Just get to the pictures!". Fine, here ya go!

Why, hello there camera. 

Like my tan? That's what I get for going on too many vacations :).

I'm done. I need  my space. Leave me alone. 

There you go! Some quick photos. I will try to take some more soon. 
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Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm back, fresh foods to feed your hamster

     Hi, everyone! I'm back! I had a great vacation that including tubing, water skiing, knee boarding, swimming, kayaking, and more! I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL time while I was gone! Mocha is doing wonderful, and she passed my checkup. She is very tired right now. I'll try to take a photo shoot tonight and get them uploaded sometime next week. I still have unpacking to do. I have something sad to say though. I don't think I've ever told you guys this, but I have a fish tank also, with 4 (-1) fish in there. I know this is a hamster blog, so if you want to know more about my fish, email me and I will be glad to tell you. I haven't been getting very many emails lately, so email me (since I'm taking a small break*read below* so I may not get back to you right away. I will answer though). Anyways, the fish I've had the longest, Chet, passed away while I was gone. Chet has been in the family for 2 years. He started off as my aunt's fish, and she soon gave it to me. I'm almost positive that Chet died of old age, since he was 2 years old. R.I.P. Chet. Anyways, sorry I haven't posted yet, I've been SO busy, unpacking and cleaning and all that good stuff. I won't be posting that much anymore until I have the time to get back to posting everyday. So it's almost like I'm taking a small break. So today, we will be talking about... 

Fresh foods to feed your hamster

     Yum! Fresh foods! Other than the regular hamster mix, you want to feed your hamster fresh foods at least 4 times a week.  Today, Mocha has broccoli, lettuce, celery leaves, a small piece of whole wheat bread, and a very, very, very small pinch of cheese. These things are all safe for all types of hamsters. The kinds of foods you want avoid are sugary foods and citric fruits such as strawberry, orange, etc. Blueberry is one of the only fruits for dwarf hamsters that I'm positive is safe for them, as long as it is in small amounts. The smallest blueberry in the container, cut in half, is as much as you want to give them. Syrians can have a little more, because they are not prone to diabetes. Winter whites don't get diabetes very easily, you have to be trying (which you should NEVER do) to give them diabetes. So I don't worry about Mocha that much, although I don't give her many sugary foods, because all hamsters can become obese. If you have a Syrian, you can give them a small piece of apple. Only Syrians and robos can have apple. I found a SUPER list of foods that you can feed your hamster, and it also includes a list of foods you can't. This is not mine, and I don't claim it to be. This link <-- click this. If you can't, copy and paste this. link.  

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sesame seeds/ Carefresh Colors

Hi everyone! This blog has been about Mocha lately, but I still want to do reviews, so today I'm doing two- Sesame Seeds and Carefresh colors bedding. Before I start- I'll give you all an update on Mocha... Wait... she isn't even here. Mocha is already at my grandmothers house where the guy will be taking care of her, so I have no idea how she is doing :(. She is probably fine though. She is a very tough cup of coffee. Haha, get it? No? OK,  I'll cross that one off my list. 

   Sesame Seeds  

Anyways, let's start with sesame seeds. Mocha LOVES them. If I hold sesame seeds above her head, she'll stand on her hind legs with her mouth opened wide. Sesame seeds are safe for all types of hamsters, so give your hamster some! I give her a pinch of sesame seeds with her hamster food everyday.  I would give this food a 10/10

Carefresh Colors

Although Carefresh is expensive, I recommend it. It absorbs super well, and the price you pay is fair. A big bag (where I live) is $16, and when I first filled up my hamster cage, it didn't leave a dent in the bag. It expands A LOT. The hamster bedding is probably about 4 or 5 inches deep, and I have a big cage. It's also very soft, and my hamster loves to dig in it. I would give this bedding a 9/10, just because it still is expensive..

Well, I hope you all liked this post! Comment, follow, and share! 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Very, very, very, very, sad news :(

Hi guys :(. I have some sad news for you all. First of all, I just wanted to say, I had a good time at camp. But there is something more important on my mind. Mocha isn't... coming on vacation with us tomorrow. That means I'll be away from my sweet little baby (that I got like a week ago) for 2 weeks ( I included this past week). It's really sad The reason I can't bring her is because my grandmother said that if the owners of the house that we are staying in show up and find Mocha, we could get in trouble. Do you know what that means? It means I need to find someone to watch her. I have no idea who I should get. My mom said I should get my neighbor, but I'm not sure if I really trust him with her. I would want someone who had experience and was a good hamster owner. The wort part is I only have today to decide. I leave tomorrow. Darn, it's just been a bad day.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


I just wanted to say one last goodbye :). I won't be posting tomorrow before I go, because I'm leaving early. My mom and dad will be taking care of Mocha and the fish while I'm gone. Just an update on Mocha, she is curled up in a ball sleeping in the hamster tubes. She is so cute :). I seriously need to upload some more photos of her sleeping. I've just been sooo busy lately. I swear, I'll upload some when I get back. If you don't remember , I will be gone from tomorrow through the 14th, then on the 14th, and 15th, I will post, and then I will post again on the 23rd. Enjoy your summer while I'm gone! Don't forget, the first day of summer it the 21st! Bye everyone! Take care!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Bobby's Bunny Boutique

I have friends that don't like to shop at places such as Petsmart, or Petco, or Pets At Home, or Pet Land, or other animal places like that, because they don't like to support them. They believe that they don't take good care of their animals. So, if you are like some of my friends, I have a good place you can shop. Bobby's Bunny Boutique is a fantastic place to shop. I know what your thinking. I haven't even visited the shop yet, but OBVIOUSLY it's just for bunnies. Well say no more! Bobby's bunny boutique is for all small animals! So my friends that have guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, rabbits, bunnies, gerbils, mice, and any other small animals, visit! It's such a great place! One of the best things about it is that there is no tax! It's not a big store, so they don't have to do tax!!! And shipping is very reasonable. One of my favorite things other than the hamster products, is the t-shirt. There is a VERY cute T-shirt there, that has a hamster face, or a guinea pig face, or a bunny face.

Super cute right?! So visit, at

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Mocha is coming on vacation with us! That way, we don't have to pay someone to watch her, and she is such great company. As long as everyone else in the fam is fine with Mocha coming, she will be attending our family reunion! She will have to stay in my parents room though, because I'm sharing a room with some of my cousins, and we don't want Mocha to keep them up (I honestly think that my mom just wants Mocha in there so she can play with her :). It's not until a couple weeks from now, and I'd just like to say, from the 10-22nd of June, I won't be blogging probably. I may blog on the 14th or the 15th, but especially not during the 10th- the 14th. I may blog after that. Well, updates on Mocha- Sleeping, as usual :)

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hamster Forum

I'd like to recognize a forum today that totally rocks. It's a hamster forum, and I love it :). It's called Hamster Hideout and it really is a great forum. They will answer all your questions for you, and you can get a lot of different opinions. It's a forum for all ages, and kid friendly, too. There is no foul language or anything inappropriate  and the rules state that everything has to be appropriate because they know that some kids are on the forum. Check it out at-

Also, just an update on Mocha, she's being a lazy bum and sleeping right now. I can't blame her though, she is nocturnal. 

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Friday, May 31, 2013

Missing hamster?

Crazy, crazy morning yesterday. Let's start by saying I have three younger brothers. One that is five, one that is 3 and one that is 1. I'm not going to say their names for privacy reasons :). Well, I was in the shower, about to put my shampoo in actually, when my 5 year old brother starts banging on the door screaming, "(3 year old brothers name) is opening you hamster cage!!" I jumped, literally jumped, out of the shower, grabbed a towel, wrapped it around me, opened the door, and said, "Go tell mom!". So he ran and told my mom. I then closed the door, unwrapped the towel, jumped back in the shower, and started massaging shampoo into my hair, when my mom yells "(3 year old brother) got into your cage, and your hamsters missing!". I again jumped out of the shower, wrapped my towel around myself, left the water running (accidentally, but that was the last thing I was thinking about) and ran out of the bathroom and into my room. My mom was digging in my cage and explained to me that when she came in here, the cage door was open, and now she couldn't find my hamster. She started looking around my room, and I kept digging in the cage. With no luck, I helped my mom look around the room. After a while, I had this feeling that I should look in the cage one more time, and when I did, Mocha's naughty little face popped out of the bedding, which was under the wheel. I looked everywhere but under the wheel! My brother got punished (time out), and Mocha is safe and sound in her cage. Whew! It was a exciting day, for Mocha and me, although Mocha had no idea what was going on. That little trouble maker :). 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mocha's pictures

     I finally took some pictures with the nice camera my family has, so the pictures are a lot better now then they were, but still not as good as Daisy and Cress... But their owner did give me some great tips. She told me to take some pictures outside, but it was too hot today, so I will have to try again today if it's a little cooler out there. Here are the photos that Mocha actually was still for!

I think that these are a lot better than the ones that I took on my iPhone. What do you think?
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Please note-
If you want to use these pictures for any reason, you need to email me first. My email is located to the right of this post. I own these pictures. I gave Daisy and Cress's owner permission to use my pictures. You MUST contact me before using my pictures. And if I do give you permission, you must put a link of my blog on whatever you are using it for to give me credit. Or, you can buy the pictures from me, starting at about $5 each.  

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Trying new things

Hi everyone! I just had an AMAZING IDEA... Okay, a little bit of exaggeration there. Oh well. Anyways, I had this idea about questions. Daisy and Cress (  an amazing blog, BTW) asked me some questions, that I have heard a lot. She commented asking her questions, and I answered there too. But, I thought, why not let Mocha answer the great questions asked? I would make a post, copy and paste the question, give you a shout out (a free shout out to all of your blogs), and put it in Mocha's view of it. Sound good? Well, some people may not want their question to be public, and if you are one of those people, you can comment on my latest post, or EMAIL ME. Yep. I have made an email for you guys to email me your questions and/or comments. Please note that I will check for viruses before opening the email, and all people sending spam will be reported and blocked. Here you go-

Email me and Mocha will answer! 

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Vitakraft Menu Hamster Food

Today, I'm going to be doing a review. But before, if your wondering about Mocha, she's sleeping, in her Popsicle house I made her (I think... I can never tell where she is :). Anyways, this is a hamster food that has 5 stars on Petsmart, but they don't even sell it at Petco. Here is a picture- 

First of all, it has peas and corn... Dwarf hamsters can't have peas or corn, because they are prone to diabetes. Because I didn't know that, I went through the "joy" of picking out ALL the peas and corn, and I'm still not done yet! So, that's a con.

Also, overall, my hamster thinks it's OK... She eats all the sunflower seeds like crazy, and some of the other seeds she likes. The "specially fortified pellets" in there, she hates, and will not eat. Now don't get me wrong,  other hamsters have different opinions, but it my opinion, I would rate this hamster food as 3 stars... Sorry Vitakraft, but I will not be buying you again :P.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Mocha and a very important shoutout

I've finally begun uploading all 556 photos on my iphone onto the computer.. So I actually have some photos of Mocha to share this time. The photos are actually uploading right now, so while we are waiting, I have a very important announcement to make...

I have a Shoutout to make!!! 
Yes, it's true. I have a friend that recently contacted me, and she wanted to give me a shoutout. To repay her, I wanted to give her a shout out too. Follow her! And please don't go and start asking her for shoutouts... That would get annoying! But anyways, here is her blog link-

All rights of the picture go to Daisy and Cress (and their owner).

It's about guinea pigs, not hamsters, but her blog is so stinking cute! PLEASE follow her! Her blog rocks :D.


Now for the cute pictures. They finally are done. They aren't the best, because Mocha is still a little skittish. And because I was taking it on my iPhone, which isn't the best picture taker...

I swear, I'll get better pictures. Sorry about that......... Well, more coming soon!
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