Friday, May 31, 2013

Missing hamster?

Crazy, crazy morning yesterday. Let's start by saying I have three younger brothers. One that is five, one that is 3 and one that is 1. I'm not going to say their names for privacy reasons :). Well, I was in the shower, about to put my shampoo in actually, when my 5 year old brother starts banging on the door screaming, "(3 year old brothers name) is opening you hamster cage!!" I jumped, literally jumped, out of the shower, grabbed a towel, wrapped it around me, opened the door, and said, "Go tell mom!". So he ran and told my mom. I then closed the door, unwrapped the towel, jumped back in the shower, and started massaging shampoo into my hair, when my mom yells "(3 year old brother) got into your cage, and your hamsters missing!". I again jumped out of the shower, wrapped my towel around myself, left the water running (accidentally, but that was the last thing I was thinking about) and ran out of the bathroom and into my room. My mom was digging in my cage and explained to me that when she came in here, the cage door was open, and now she couldn't find my hamster. She started looking around my room, and I kept digging in the cage. With no luck, I helped my mom look around the room. After a while, I had this feeling that I should look in the cage one more time, and when I did, Mocha's naughty little face popped out of the bedding, which was under the wheel. I looked everywhere but under the wheel! My brother got punished (time out), and Mocha is safe and sound in her cage. Whew! It was a exciting day, for Mocha and me, although Mocha had no idea what was going on. That little trouble maker :). 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mocha's pictures

     I finally took some pictures with the nice camera my family has, so the pictures are a lot better now then they were, but still not as good as Daisy and Cress... But their owner did give me some great tips. She told me to take some pictures outside, but it was too hot today, so I will have to try again today if it's a little cooler out there. Here are the photos that Mocha actually was still for!

I think that these are a lot better than the ones that I took on my iPhone. What do you think?
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Please note-
If you want to use these pictures for any reason, you need to email me first. My email is located to the right of this post. I own these pictures. I gave Daisy and Cress's owner permission to use my pictures. You MUST contact me before using my pictures. And if I do give you permission, you must put a link of my blog on whatever you are using it for to give me credit. Or, you can buy the pictures from me, starting at about $5 each.  

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Trying new things

Hi everyone! I just had an AMAZING IDEA... Okay, a little bit of exaggeration there. Oh well. Anyways, I had this idea about questions. Daisy and Cress (  an amazing blog, BTW) asked me some questions, that I have heard a lot. She commented asking her questions, and I answered there too. But, I thought, why not let Mocha answer the great questions asked? I would make a post, copy and paste the question, give you a shout out (a free shout out to all of your blogs), and put it in Mocha's view of it. Sound good? Well, some people may not want their question to be public, and if you are one of those people, you can comment on my latest post, or EMAIL ME. Yep. I have made an email for you guys to email me your questions and/or comments. Please note that I will check for viruses before opening the email, and all people sending spam will be reported and blocked. Here you go-

Email me and Mocha will answer! 

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Vitakraft Menu Hamster Food

Today, I'm going to be doing a review. But before, if your wondering about Mocha, she's sleeping, in her Popsicle house I made her (I think... I can never tell where she is :). Anyways, this is a hamster food that has 5 stars on Petsmart, but they don't even sell it at Petco. Here is a picture- 

First of all, it has peas and corn... Dwarf hamsters can't have peas or corn, because they are prone to diabetes. Because I didn't know that, I went through the "joy" of picking out ALL the peas and corn, and I'm still not done yet! So, that's a con.

Also, overall, my hamster thinks it's OK... She eats all the sunflower seeds like crazy, and some of the other seeds she likes. The "specially fortified pellets" in there, she hates, and will not eat. Now don't get me wrong,  other hamsters have different opinions, but it my opinion, I would rate this hamster food as 3 stars... Sorry Vitakraft, but I will not be buying you again :P.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Mocha and a very important shoutout

I've finally begun uploading all 556 photos on my iphone onto the computer.. So I actually have some photos of Mocha to share this time. The photos are actually uploading right now, so while we are waiting, I have a very important announcement to make...

I have a Shoutout to make!!! 
Yes, it's true. I have a friend that recently contacted me, and she wanted to give me a shoutout. To repay her, I wanted to give her a shout out too. Follow her! And please don't go and start asking her for shoutouts... That would get annoying! But anyways, here is her blog link-

All rights of the picture go to Daisy and Cress (and their owner).

It's about guinea pigs, not hamsters, but her blog is so stinking cute! PLEASE follow her! Her blog rocks :D.


Now for the cute pictures. They finally are done. They aren't the best, because Mocha is still a little skittish. And because I was taking it on my iPhone, which isn't the best picture taker...

I swear, I'll get better pictures. Sorry about that......... Well, more coming soon!
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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Winter White dwarf hamster

I got it! My little ball of joy is safe at home. I'll try to upload pictures soon. She's got an attitude, that's for sure. She's so sweet though. She's even already tamed! I've held her, my baby brothers held her, my mom, but my dad still is unsure :P. Haha. When I couldn't find her, I dug through the cage, and found her sleeping. I accidently woke her up, and she got MAD! She snapped, but no bites or nibbles. She sooo stinking cute. She finally went back to sleep, after eating. I've ordered a ton of stuff off Amazon, including a wheel, ball, hideout (she has a homemade one right now), and a ton of other stuff. She is going to be spoiled rotten. I finally chose a name for her. Her name is White Chocolate Mocha, but Mocha for short. I still can't believe she is already tame, although I haven't really gotten to know her yet. I'll have to try some more games with her tonight when she won't squeal at me ;). I'll keep you all posted!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's getting crazy!!

Closer it comes... the day I can get my hamster! I have a couple updates for you guys. One, I'm getting a dwarf hamster! Yes, I have let go of Syrians pretty much. The more and more research I do, the more I want a dwarf more than a Syrian. But don't worry, I'll still talk about all sorts of hamsters. I don't know exactly what type of dwarf hamster I want, but I'm thinking about the Winter White. Still deciding though. Also, youtube has become my best friend. I have a favorite hamster youtuber right now, and I wanted to share her with you. Her youtube name is- chocolatecolors26. Here is the link to her youtube page-
Hope you enjoy as much as I do!!! 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Hamster

Great News! I may be getting a new Syrian Hamster. It comes with a catch though... I have to keep my fish tank looking spotless. It sounds easy, but it gets pretty hard when it's algae's hangout! I did a deep clean yesterday, and today it looks great! I hope it stays that way. I made a contract, that says what I have to do before I can get a Syrian Hamster, but my parents haven't signed it yet. It's going to be a month of my fish tank being spotless before I can get a hamster. So, it will be a while, but I will keep you updated. I'm going to be getting a male, since they seem to smell better, because they don't go into heat. What do you think? Have any suggestions? Comment down below!!

P.S. I will be making a fish blog. It will be based on tetras, because that's what I have. I will post a link when it's finished so you can read and enjoy! J

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Mice-The word used to make me cringe. But now, I think of them as cute little friends. Yes, I know this is a hamster blog, but I just had to share this with you guys! So here ya go-

Yesterday night, my mom opened the garage door, and screamed. She said she saw a mouse. Now don't get me wrong- our house is clean, and this is the first time we have ever spotted a living animal in our house (that wasn't ours), for the whole seven years we have lived here. Well, my dad was at his job. Mom called dad, and explained that he needed to get rid of it (my mom isn't really into rodents :). So, my dad got 2 mouse traps. I have to admit, I wasn't against the mouse traps. I thought that mice were ugly little disgusting animals.
So this morning, we checked to see if the mouse was dead yet, but instead my dad heard jumping. He walked around, and what we saw was fantastic. The mouse had fallen into a bucket, and he was trying to get out, although he couldn't. That means no deaths! I have to say he was so stinking cute. We let him go, in the forest. He squeaked a lot, which was also totally adorable. So I just have to say, that I'm not against mice anymore! I'll show you a picture. The picture isn't mine, but it looks exactly the same.

You gotta say- this thing is too cute to kill!!!