Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mocha's pictures

     I finally took some pictures with the nice camera my family has, so the pictures are a lot better now then they were, but still not as good as Daisy and Cress... But their owner did give me some great tips. She told me to take some pictures outside, but it was too hot today, so I will have to try again today if it's a little cooler out there. Here are the photos that Mocha actually was still for!

I think that these are a lot better than the ones that I took on my iPhone. What do you think?
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Please note-
If you want to use these pictures for any reason, you need to email me first. My email is located to the right of this post. I own these pictures. I gave Daisy and Cress's owner permission to use my pictures. You MUST contact me before using my pictures. And if I do give you permission, you must put a link of my blog on whatever you are using it for to give me credit. Or, you can buy the pictures from me, starting at about $5 each.  


  1. Those pictures are adorable! I think they are much better than mine! Mocha looks so incredibly cute!

    1. Thanks! I wish they were as good. You have a lot more practice than I do. :)

  2. beautiful photos Jaide thanks for following Speedy,xx Rachel