Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Canada day/ requests for YouTube

Happy Canada Day to all Canadians! I don't live in Canada, but I do know that today is a day for Canadians to celebrate! If you have any Canadian friends, text them or email them or say to them, "Happy Canada Day"! 

Also, I have a mission for you all. I need requests for YouTube videos. I really don't have that many, and if I don't get more ideas, I'm going to have to quit. So, your mission is, request videos! I know some of yo don't have YouTube accounts, so if you don't, you can comment your requests here, or email them to If you think of one, like next week, still send it to me! I'm always taking requests! Thanks guys! 

Comment, follow, and share!!! 


  1. How about Mocha running on her wheel?we would love to see that,xx Speedy and Rachel

  2. Thank you! Mocha likes to run at her wheel very late at night, but I will try to get a clip of her doing that! I do have some clips of her in her hamster ball, so those will be uploaded soon.