Saturday, April 13, 2013

What In The World Does Tame Your Hamster Mean?

     This is a very common question among new hamster keepers. How do you tame a hamster? Well, it's actually pretty easy. When you first get your hamster, you want to leave it alone for at least 24 hours before handling it.Why? Because the hamster needs to get used to its' surroundings first. It's gone through a lot of stress since it got transported, so you want to leave it be. 
     After you have left it for awhile, you can try taking your hamster out, for short periods of time. This is part of taming your hamster. Taming your hamster is when your hamster learns to recognize you ,and does not react in a bad way to you. So basically, once your hamster is tamed, it's very unlikely for it to bite you. 
     So, to tame your hamster, you need to take it out a couple times a day everyday, but like I said, for short periods of time. You can make mazes for your hamster, or just let it crawl on you, but make sure that you in a closed space, so that the hamster can't escape. 
     How long does it take to tame a hamster? 
Usually, the average hamster is tamed in about 3-6 weeks. Some hamsters can take more, some can take less. It all depends on the hamster. 
     Overall, when taming a hamster, it will take time, but it's totally worth it. Your hamster be happier from it too. Good luck!


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